Welcome! On the Move: an undergraduate journal of creative geographies is an online publication of writings by students at the University of Toronto Scarborough.

han-2014-spadinaOn the Move showcases new voices and stories by students, scholars, artists, and activists interested in questions of travel, mobility, and movements. Every published story represents many weeks — even months — of hard work grappling with critical concepts, complex experiences, and difficult narrative structures.

We publish carefully written stories that feature compelling narratives of mobilities and difference, lived experiences of race, ethnicity, gender, class, sexuality, nation, and religion on the move. Many of the stories explicitly address experiences of travel, migration, and (dis)location, but we also welcome a wide range of stories about itineraries, experiences, and encounters as long as they engage with personally engaged and critically informed narratives of space and (im)mobility.

Our first collection of essays began as personal travel reflections written by students in Professor Ju Hui Judy Han’s third-year cultural geography course on “Spaces of Travel: Unsettling Tourism, Migration, and Everyday Mobilities” in Fall 2012 (GGRC56H3). All essays underwent several rounds of peer review and extensive revision since they were first submitted as course assignments. The rigorous revision process helped train writers to read each other’s work carefully, to critique constructively, and to edit and revise with great care.

In December 2014, we published the second collection with 8 stories with more artwork and even a video this time in a new category called Itinerary. The third group featured 6 travel reflection stories and 2 suggested travel itineraries. As of December 2016, we are working on a dozen more stories to publish by early 2017. With new student contributions every semester, On the Move is becoming a rich archive of creative and inspiring narratives.

If you are a student at the University of Toronto (on any campus), please consider submitting your stories for publication. If you are a faculty at U of T, please consider sharing On the Move stories with your class to encourage critical reflection and conversation among students. And better yet, please consider creating a course assignment that could lead to a potential contribution to On the Move.

Annual Reading Event

Following the phenomenal success of our publication launch event attended by students, friends, and family in April 2013, contributors to On the Move and the students in Prof. Han’s “Spaces of Travel” class in Winter 2014 produced a second public reading event to showcase new student writings. We have taken a break from doing readings since then, but we will try to organize an occasional public reading.

On the Move reading at UTSC on April 1, 2014

How to Submit a Story

On the Move welcomes contributions from students interested in combining storytelling, writing, and research in and beyond the classroom. We are especially interested in writers with a clear and strong point of view and a willingness to work with others in reviewing, editing, and proofreading. If you like what you see here and would like to submit a story of your own, please email Ju Hui Judy Han (Faculty Advisor and Editor-in-Chief for On the Move) with a brief self-introduction and a description of what you’re interested in submitting, and which course had created the spark for the writing.

Please keep in mind:

  • The author must first become familiar with the themes explored in the stories already published on On the Move. Please read the published stories before submitting yours.
  • The submission must be short (maximum 1,500 words), with content and language suitable for online publication. Please consider issues of privacy and confidentiality before deciding to publish your story.
  • The story must demonstrate an engagement with geographical/spatial concepts such as space, place, scale, location, positionality, (im)mobility, encounter, etc. There must be some research involved in the storytelling, as can be seen by the readings referenced by On the Move stories. We also prefer stories with a strong and self-reflexive point of view, narrated thoughtfully and deliberately.
  • The story must be accompanied by a 100-word author bio and at least two good-quality, copyright-free images with proper attribution. See On the Move for examples.
  • The story must have been created initially as a course assignment at the University of Toronto (any campus). This includes reading responses, term papers, essay exams, and others.
  • The author must be willing to receive editorial feedback and commit to participating in a rigorous revision process.

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