One House, Many Generations+

By Anja Kumanatasan. Ever since I was about four months old, I have been flying to Germany to visit my...

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The Greyhound Bus and Inequality+

By Teresa Gomes. Travel can be a much longer and more difficult experience for people who do not have the...

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Genuine Hospitality+

By Cheyenne Litt. When I discovered that my high school was offering a trip to the Chinese cities of Beijing,...

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Bullets in Sudan+

By Saja Elshaikh. Days following my cousin's shooting, the Sudanese Community Centre of Toronto mobilized a rally to raise awareness...

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My Mobile Home+

By DeMara Palmer. When I enter my car, the sweet scent of vanilla greets me with an aura of comfort....

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Transnational Tianjin, Transmigrant Feelings+

By Hao Wen (Jerry) Zhang. As I change over time and as my hometown also changes, could my feelings of...

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Scarred in Pakistan+

By Maham Ferwa. The scar on my nose is a reminder of the Pakistan I knew when I was...

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The Indian Diaspora, in Canada and Trinidad+

By Nicolette Ramcharan. There are many layers of geography and history when it comes to defining what it means to...

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Toronto’s Unofficial Little Manila+

By Kimberly Aglipay. Of the nearly 700,000 Filipinos living in Canada, more than 43% reside in Toronto.

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Nothing was the Same+

By Saja Elshaikh. When I opened my eyes to the social issues in Sudan, I began to see things that...

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