Paris in a different light+

By Zarin Assil. I had come to Paris, not to follow in the footsteps of Hemingway or Picasso but to...

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Toronto’s Unofficial Little Manila+

By Kimberly Aglipay. Of the nearly 700,000 Filipinos living in Canada, more than 43% reside in Toronto.

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An Urban Planner’s Tour of Don Mills in Toronto+

By Katelin Dejak. This itinerary takes a look at the Don Mills neighbourhood in Toronto through an urban planner's...

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Nothing was the Same+

By Saja Elshaikh. When I opened my eyes to the social issues in Sudan, I began to see things that...

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Words Unspoken: The Philippines Revisited+

By Kimberly Aglipay. I learned that trying to blend in included keeping my mouth shut; I didn’t want anyone to...

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My home is no longer a battleground+

By Phumeena Balasuberamaniam. A sense of belonging is not attained simply by sharing nationality, religion, race, language, or social hierarchies,...

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By Farwa Ali. I had the privilege of traveling to Saudi Arabia with my family to perform ummrah, a pilgrimage...

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Where I am meant to glow+

By Hella-Genet Fesehaye. The calm waves mimic the gentle flow within my veins and I imagine the bright, beautiful sun...

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